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anei Pukui-Elbert, Haw to Eng,

Part. indicating that a question may be answered by yes or no, always following a word or phrase. (Gram. 7.5.) ʻAʻole anei? Isn't it so? Isn't it? Pēlā anei? Is it that way? Is that so? E hele ana anei ʻoe i ke kaona? Are you going to town? (PCP a(a)nei.)

ʻaneʻi Pukui-Elbert, Haw to Eng,

loc.n., Here (usually after ma-, i, or : Gram. 8.6.).

  • Examples:
    • Ē kuʻu aloha, maʻaneʻi mai, neʻeneʻe mai nō ā pili (song), my loved one, come here, sidle up close.
    • ʻAʻohe o ʻoneʻi wahine e like me ʻoe, ā inā nohoʻi no ʻaneʻi aku nei, ʻaʻole nō e hele mai i ʻaneʻi; he kapu o ʻaneʻi, he make (FS 259), none of the local women are like you, and had [you] been of this place, [you] would not have come here; it is taboo here, death.
  • References:

2. Part., Doubtful (used idiomatically).

  • Examples:
    • He paʻakai ʻaneʻi e heheʻe ai, so, like salt that melts [said by one who doesn't mind going into the rain].
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A-NEI Andrews, Haw to Eng,

v. See NEI. To sweep off; to cause to disappear.

A-NEI Andrews, Haw to Eng,

adv. The sign of a question, used after verbs or nouns; as, mai anei oia? is he sick? ua holo anei ia? has he sailed? he mai anei?

A-NEI Andrews, Haw to Eng,

adv. Here; in this place; like maanei; mai anei aku. Kin. 50:25. I ko kakou hoi ana anei a hiki i Kauai, on our returning along this way till we reach Kauai. Laieik. 87.

Anei (ā-ne'i), adv. Parker, Haw to Eng,

1. In or at this place; here: Mai anei aku; from here.

2. To this place; hither. Ua hele mai anei; he came hither.

Anei (ă-nĕ'i), adv. Parker, Haw to Eng,

[Contraction of aenei.]

1. At or during the present time or period; just now: often applied to past action in vivid narration. Ua ua anei? Has it rained just now?

2. At once; instantly; forthwith; immediately; now: E hele anei au? Shall I go now? The adverb anei is used interrogatively, but sometimes merely as an expletive: e hele anei au ano? Shall I go now? See aenei.

Anei (ă-nĕ'i), v. Parker, Haw to Eng,

1. To return, as sound, especially when prolonged and in considerable volume; to reverberate.

2. To cause to ring or sound loudly; to roll the sound of, as distant thunder; to peal. Syn: Nei.

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