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n. Fathom: formerly the distance between tips of longest fingers of a man, measured with arms extended on each side; Catholic writers equated anana with one meter (Kam. 76:50–1); to count by this measurement or by fathoms. Cf. ana 1.

v. Conj. 9th of ana, to measure.

s. A common but indefinite measure formerly used; the length of the arms and body when both arms were extended, to the ends of the longest fingers.

2. A fathom.

Anana (ā-nă'-nă), n.

/ ā-nă'-nă / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. The length of the arms extended, including the body, measured to the tips of the longest fingers: a common but indefinite measure formerly used.

2. A measure of length equivalent to six feet; originally, the space to which a man may extend his arms; a fathom.

Anana (ā-nă'-nă), v.

/ ā-nă'-nă / Parker Haw to Eng,

To enumerate by fathoms.

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