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  • 1. Cape, Lāʻau, Molokaʻi. Southwest extremity of Molokaʻi and one of two points that define the west end of the island. The other is ʻĪlio Point.
  • 2. Point light, Lāʻau, Molokaʻi. Established by the monarchy in 1881 and automated in 1912. The 20-foot steel pole supporting the light stands approximately 132 feet above sea level.
  • 3. Landing, Lāʻau, Molokaʻi. Former landing in a small inlet on the north side of the point that was used to service the lighthouse when it was manned. A boom extended over the inlet to unload the lighters that came ashore from the interisland steamers. Only a few concrete foundation blocks remain.

Literally, wood or tree.

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