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1. vi. To creep, crawl; to move along, as a gentle breeze or shower; to walk bent over as in respect to a chief or as indicative of humility. Cf. kolo manu and ex., ua 1. Ahe kolo, gentle-moving breeze. Koa kolo, a sprawling koa tree. hoʻo.kolo To cause to creep, crawl; to follow a trail, track, clue; to trace to a source. Cf. hoʻokolokolo. (PPN -tolo.)

2. vt. To pull, tow, drag, to pull a seine. Moku kolo, tugboat.

3. n. Wagon tongue or shafts. Also kolo kaʻa.

4. vi. To grumble.

5. interj. Call to fowl, pigs. Kolo, kolo, kolo! Come, come, come!

6. Var. of kono 2, to attract birds.

7. Also koro Biblical liquid measure, about 420 pints.

ʻAu kolo. Free-style or crawl, in swimming; to swim using this style.

v. To creep on all fours, as an infant.

2. To crawl, as a worm; to grope, as a blind man.

3. To crouch; to stoop, as an inferior to a superior.

4. To grow or run, as a lateral branch of a vine. Kin. 49:52.

5. To creep, run or penetrate, as the fine roots of a tree or plant into the earth; kolo lea ke aa malalo, to take root downward. 2 Nal. 19:30.

6. To urge, as in asking a favor; to persevere till one obtains the thing asked for.

7. To drive; to row swiftly, as a boat of a war ship.

8. Hoo. Hookolo i ka nui manu o kakou. NOTE— In former times no common person was allowed to approach a high chief to ask a favor or deprecate his displeasure except on his hands and knees. See KOLO. Also, when one was called to account for some delinquency, he was expected to come into the presence of the chief on all fours, and lie prostrate until ordered to look up; hence, in modern times, hookolokolo, to call to account; to have a trial; to try judicially. See HOOKOLO and HOOKOLOKOLO.

Kolo (kō'-lo), v.

/ kō'-lo / Parker Haw to Eng,

1. To creep on all fours, as an infaat.

2. To crawl, as a worm.

3. To grope, as a blind man.

4. To crouch.

5. To stoop, as an inferior to a superior.

6. To creep or crouch clandestinely; to move secretly.

7. To grow or run, as a lateral branch of a vine.

8. To creep, run or penetrate, as the fine roots of a tree or plant into the earth: kolo lea ke aa malalo, to take root downward.

9. To pull; to drag along. Syn: Koko and kauo.

Kolo (ko'lo):

/ ko'lo / Parker Haw to Eng,

to creep. Land section, South Kona, Hawaii.

  • Land section, Hōnaunau qd., Kona, Hawaiʻi (see ʻŌlelomoana).
  • Ridge near Mānā and hill in south central Kauaʻi, both in Waimea qd.
  • Wharf, harbor, and gulch (said to be the legendary home of Pākaʻa and Kū-a-Pākaʻa), Airport qd., and ridge, Kamalō qd., Molokaʻi.

Literally, crawl or pull.

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1. Beach, Kolo, Molokaʻi. Narrow calcareous sand beach that borders Pālāʻau Road. 2. Cliffs camp, Kolo, Molokaʻi. Private campsite on the hillside above the beach that is owned and operated by Molokaʻi Ranch. 3. Wharf, Kolo, Molokaʻi. In 1923, Libby, McNeill and Libby leased some land at Maunaloa from Molokaʻi Ranch and began growing pineapples. The dirt road to Kaunakakai was in poor condition, so they dredged a channel through the reef and built a wharf below Maunaloa at Kaumanamana to service the plantation. The wharf was named Kolo for a nearby gulch because Libby felt that Kolo would be easier to pronounce than Kaumanamana. Kolo Wharf remained the major shipping point for pineapple on the island until the early 1950s when the road to Kaunakakai was improved and shipping operations were moved to Kaunakakai Wharf. Lit., to crawl.

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