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1. n., Image, statue, picture, photograph, drawing, diagram, illustration, likeness, cartoon, idol, doll, petroglyph; features, as of a face; plans, as for a house; carved, as end of an ʻauamo pole.

  • Examples:
    • Kona kiʻi, his picture, statue (of him).
    • Kāna kiʻi, a picture (or statue) by him or owned by him.
    • Pepa kiʻi, joker, in deck of cards.
    • Kiʻi maka nunui, prominent, wealthy, or important person, VIP; literally, big-eyed image.
    • Kiʻi maka liʻiliʻi, ordinary person; literally, small-eyed image.
    • ʻO ke kiʻi nō kēlā o ka makuahine, he's the image of his mother.
    • He ʻokoʻa kona kiʻi a me kona kūlana (FS 279), her features and appearance were different.
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2. vt., To fetch, get, procure, send for, go after, summon, attack; to seek for sexual ends.

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3. vi., To try and, go and (idiomatic).

  • Examples:
    • E kiʻi ā loaʻa ā loaʻa ʻole mai paha, go and get or perhaps don't get.
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4. nvi., Hula step: one foot points to the side, front, and back; then the other foot does the same.

5. Same as ʻalani, orange.

6. n., Gesture, as in hula.

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kikino, Figure, as an illustration in a textbook; graphics.

  • Source:
    • Existing dictionary word, Extended meaning
  • Examples:
    • Ua komolike ʻo kiʻi A a me kiʻi E. Figures A and E are congruent.
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hamani, To receive a serve, in volleyball; also first pass.

  • Source:
    • Niʻihau.

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  1. Point north of Alahaka Bay, south of Hōnaunau, Kona, Hawaiʻi.
  2. Areas near South Point, Kaʻū, and in Puna qd., Hawaiʻi.
  3. Landing, Niʻihau.
  4. Reservoir, Kahuku qd., and point, Mōkapu qd., Oʻahu.
  • Literally, image.

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Bay, landing, northwest shore, Niʻihau. Kiʻi and Lehua are the two landings on the north end of the island. Niʻihau Ranch uses the landings to haul livestock, equipment, passengers, food, dry goods, and other necessities to the island from Makaweli Landing on Kauaʻi. Kiʻi Landing is an alternate site that is used when high surf precludes the use of Lehua Landing.

  • Literally, [carved, wooden] image.

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