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two currents of the sea. Land section, North Kona, Hawaii.

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/ Kai-lua / WahiLocation, Place Names of Hawaiʻi,
  • Village, school, bay, and ancient surfing area (Finney and Houston 26), Kona, Hawaiʻi.
  • Land division, land section, ditch, village, hill (1,269 feet high), gulch, Pāʻia area; stream, Haʻikū area, East Maui.
  • Second largest city in the Hawaiian Islands (33,783 population in 1970), land division, schools, bay, beach park, field, ditch, and stream, Mōkapu qd., Oʻahu.

Literally, two seas (probably currents, especially on Hawaiʻi).

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  1. Bay, pier, Kailua, Hawaiʻi. On April 4, 1820, the first company of Congregational missionaries from New England landed on the shore of the bay at the site of the pier. The pier is used by commercial and privately owned boats and is internationally known as the start and finish of the swim portion of the Ironman Triathlon since 1980 and as the weigh-in site for the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament since 1959. Also known as Kailua-Kona Wharf.
  2. Bay entrance light, light, Kailua, Hawaiʻi. The Kailua Light was established in 1909 at Kukaʻilimoku Point on the north side of Kailua Bay. The light tower was built in 1915. The Kailua Bay Entrance Light is a 25-foot pole with a light on Kailua Pier.
  3. Bay, Kailua, Maui. Small bay with a rocky shore in East Maui.
  4. Bay, beach, beach park (35.2 acres), boat ramp, windsurf site, Kailua, Oʻahu. The bay and the 2.5-mile calcareous sand beach that lines it are between Alāla and Kapoho Points. The beach park is at the south end of the beach, where it is bisected by Kaʻelepulu Canal. The boat ramp is at the south end of the beach park in the lee of Alāla Point. The windsurf site is off the beach park.
  • Literally, two seas (probably two currents).

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