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Kapena Kuke, Lono.

Town, South Kona, Hawaiʻi, named for Captain James Cook, who was killed at Kealakekua Bay in 1779.

Street, Thomas Square section, Honolulu, Oʻahu.

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Monument, Kaʻawaloa, Hawaiʻi. Monument erected at Kaʻawaloa on the north side Kealakekua Bay at the site where Captain James Cook was killed. The monument is a 27-foot white obelisk surrounded by twelve metal posts linked by chains. The plaque on the obelisk reads: “In memory of the great circumnavigator Captain James Cook, R.N., who discovered these islands on the 18th day of January AD 1778 and fell near this spot on the 14th day of February AD 1779. This monument was erected in November AD 1874 by some of his fellow countrymen.” A second plaque at the jetty fronting the monument reads: “The Commonwealth of Australia in memory of Captain James Cook, R.N., the discoverer of both Australia and these islands erected this jetty.” A third plaque at the site reads: “In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the arrival in the Pacific Ocean of Captain James Cook, R.N., on his voyage of discovery 1768-1771 in the bark Endeavor. Presented by Swedish American Line on the occasion of a visit by M.S. Kungsholm to Kealakekua Bay, April 1st, 1969.”

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