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Quadrangle, southwest tip of Oʻahu; surfing place (Finney, 1959a:108), beach park, golf course, naval air station, navy housing, elementary school, and oil refinery, all named for Captain Henry Barber who, on October 31, 1796, was wrecked there on a coral shoal.

  • References:
    • Howay 39.

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  1. Beach park (7.4 acres), ʻEwa, Oʻahu. Narrow calcareous sand beach bordered by a rocky shelf. Named after the point.
  2. Harbor, Kalaeloa, Oʻahu. One of two deep-draft harbors on Oʻahu. Originally dredged in 1961 as a barge harbor, it is also known as Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor.
  3. Light, ʻEwa, Oʻahu. Established in 1888 at Puhilele, Kalaeloa. The 72-foot concrete light tower was built in 1933, and the light was automated in 1964.
  4. Naval air station. In 1940 the U.S. Navy purchased the site of the naval air station from the Campbell Estate and established the ʻEwa Marine Corps Air Station. On April 15, 1942, the station was commissioned as Barbers Point Naval Air Station. On July 1, 1999, the 3,700-acre station was closed in a series of nationwide base closings. The navy retained 1,173 acres for a housing complex, a medical center, and a golf course. The remaining acreage was dispersed among other federal, state, and county agencies. White Plains and Nimitz Beaches were opened to the public and became part of a 333-acre regional park that is managed by the county. The station was renamed the Kalaeloa Community Development District.

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