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1. nvi. Red-hot, glowing. Fig., raging, angry; anger. ʻEna aloha, intense affection or longing. Piʻi ka ʻena, to feel anger. hō.ʻena Caus/sim. (PCP kena; cf. Marquesan kena.)

2. vt. Shy; to shy. Mai ʻena i ke kanaka i laka aku, do not shy away from a person who is attracted [treat kindness with kindness].

3. n. Abundance, plenty. Cf. One-lau-ʻena.

4. n. Opening in the clouds said to be like the jaw of the aʻu swordfish and a sign of rain. (Malo text, chapter 6, section 6.)

v. To be in a rage, as in anger.

2. To burn, as fire; ua ena loa ka ula o ka mai, the sick person is red with heat; ke ena loa ae nei, wena.

adj. Red hot; raging, as fire; epithet of an oven when red hot; applied also to anger.

2. Angry; wild; untamed, as an animal; full of fury.

3. Jealous, as a bird of a snare, or fearful, as a villain of good men; threatening, as some kinds of clouds that threaten a storm.

1. Red hot; raging, as fire.

2. Full of fury; angry; wild.

To be in a rage; to flush with anger; to blush or become red, especially in the face.

Road, Wai-kīkī, Honolulu, named for the son of John 'Ena (a Chinese merchant) and High Chiefess Ka-iki-lani; the son was privy councillor under Queen Liliʻu-o-ka-lani and cofounder and president of the Inter-Island Steamship Company. (TM.)

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