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1. vi. Fretting, teasing or nagging for something; murmuring, as the sea; returning persistently, as a thought or desire. Nē hoʻohune, to wheedle. Nē hone ka leo o ka waiolina, sweet, teasing appeal in the sound of the violin. hoʻo.nē Teasing, fretting, appealing.

2. Short for nele. E nē ka lā, ka malama, without [light] the sun, the moon.

3. n. A seaweed. (KL. line 101).

v. To tease; to fret; to make one cry; to ask for food, as a child, i. e., to cry for it.

2. To be sour; to be sad; to be peevish, as when one is crossed in his plans.

3. To droop; to be sickly; to wither.

4. To murmur; to talk low; to whisper, as the gods or ghosts do; to make low sounds, as the ripples of the sea where there is little surf.

5. To gnash or grind the teeth.

v. Used for nee. See NEE.

adj. Crying; fretting; sickly, as a child.

Ne (nē), adj.

/ nē / Haw to Eng, Parker,

Crying; fretting; sickly, as a child.

Ne (nē), v.

/ nē / Haw to Eng, Parker,

To be teased. Hoone is the transitive form.

2. To be fretful.

3. To droop; to be languid in consequence of illness.

4. To murmur; to talk in low tones.

5. To murmur, as the low sound of the sea when it strikes the shore.

6. Ne used for nee. See nee.

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