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1. vs., Different, separate, unrelated, another; whole; entirety; a whole note in music; entirely, wholly, completely; altogether, fully, independently, exclusively.

  • Examples:
    • ʻAi ʻokoʻa, cooked unpounded taro; literally, whole food.
    • No ke kōkua ʻole ʻia mai, hana ʻokoʻa ihola nō wau, because of not being helped, I worked independently.
    • He hoʻokuli ʻokoʻa iho nō. (FS 217), a pretense of being stone deaf.
    • Moe ʻokoʻa (FS 149), to lie down and stay, as of one exhausted.
    • Holo ʻokoʻa, to run far away.
    • Haʻawipio ʻokoʻa, to give up completely; unconditional surrender.
  • References:

2. To be early or continuing, of time of day.

  • Examples:
    • I ka lā ʻokoʻa (FS 31), while still daylight; in broad daylight.

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ʻaʻano Differentiated, i.e. during development, the change of structure or function of an organ or tissue into a more specialized state, in biology. Dic., ext. mng.

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