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1. n., Soft spot in the temples; soft part of the human body between the pelvic cone and the lowest rib; under part of an animal's body (sometimes preceded by ke).

2. nvi., A surgeonfish (Acanthurus guttatus 🌐), 20 cm long.

  • References:
    • PPN hapi.

3. nvi., Fish gills; to breathe through gills.

4. vi., To palpitate, throb, tremble, shake, quiver; to beat, as the pulse; to stir, as waves; palpitation, quivering.

5. n., A decoy stick basket with a wide opening; it was baited, and after the fish were accustomed to coming for food, a trap was substituted.

  • Examples:
    • Ke ao 'ō'ō, ke ʻapi wai (FS 201), the sharp-pointed cloud, the water basket (a cloud full of rain].

6. To gather together, as people or things.

  • References:
    • And.

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1. n., The gills of a fish. Syn: Mahamaha.

2. n., The fins of a fish, which serve to propel, balance, or steer it in water.

3. n., A palpitation; a throb; a beat.

4. n., A round bag-shaped net of very fine mesh. Syn: Apai.

5. n., A species of flat fish (Platophrys pantherinus). Also known as pakii.

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