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1. n., Water-soluble colloidal ocherous earth, used for coloring salt, for medicine, for dye, and formally in the purification ceremony called hiʻuwai; any red coloring matter; according to Dr. Frank Tabrah (Kam. 76:149), brick-red soil containing hematite.

2. n., Flesh-like redness, especially the dark red meat close to the spine of some fish, as of the aku.

3. n., Annatto dye plant (Bixa orellana 🌐), a tropical American shrub or small tree, bearing fruit with scarlet seeds, used for dyeing.

  • References:
    • Neal 589.

4. n., Tribe or clan; people in a district who have intermarried.

5. n., Bad breath, halitosis.

6. n., Fore part of thigh; long narrow thigh muscle.

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    • And.

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kikino, Tribe, i.e. people in a district who have intermarried, specifically referring to Hawaiʻi.

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