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1. n., Meeting, assembly, gathering, convention, court, party.

2. nvi., Sennit; cord braided of coconut husk, human hair, intestines of animals; string for a musical instrument; to stretch the ʻaha cord for the outline of a house so that the posts may be properly placed; measurement of an edge or border.

  • Examples:
    • Ua like nā ʻaha, the sides are of equal length [as of a rectangle].
    • E kiʻi i ke kaula e ʻaha ai, get a cord to stake out the house with.
  • References:
    • PPN kafa.

3. n., A prayer or service whose efficacy depended on recitation under taboo and without interruption. The priest was said to carry a cord (ʻaha).

  • Examples:
    • Ua kaʻi ka ʻaha, the prayer is rendered.
    • Loaʻa kā kākou ʻaha, our prayer is rendered successfully.
    • Ua lilo ka ʻaha, ā laila pule hou, the prayer has not been successfully given, so pray again.
  • References:
    • Malo 180–1.

4. n., Millepede, so called because it coils itself up like a string.

5. n., Any of the needlefishes of the family Belonidae 🌐.

6. n., Design supposed to resemble the continuing track of a duck, carved on tapa beaters.

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num., Four (usually in counting in series): four times.

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kikino, Council.

  • Source:
    • Existing dictionary word, Extended meaning

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