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1. vt., interjection, Yes; to say yes, consent, conform, grant, agree, approve, let, confirm, admit, permit, allow, accept, yield; approval, admission, permission.

  • Examples:
    • ʻAe waha, oral agreement.
    • ʻAe wale, to agree easily; pliable.
    • Ua ʻae mai ʻoia i koʻu hele, he consented to my going.
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2. n., Sap wrung from seaweed or leaves of plants such as taro; liquid remaining after dregs have settled, as of pia, arrowroot starch; saliva, drooling of the mouth.

  • Examples:
    • ʻAe limu, juice remaining on the pounding board after seaweed (limu) is pounded; mixed with salt it is used to flavor sauce for ʻōʻio or other fish.
    • Kahe ka ʻae o ka waha, mouth saliva flows [mouth waters; fig., to desire avidly].

3. vs., Fine, mashed, comminuted, as dust or powder; silky soft, as down; smooth, as well-mixed poi or bread dough.

  • Examples:
    • ʻAe kī, fine portions of ti root baked in the oven; to break ti root so cooked into fine bits.
    • ʻAe moa, downy chicken feathers.
    • hō.ʻae To make fine, pulverize, refine, soften.
    • He ahi ʻā nopu hōʻae, a hot glowing fire that pulverizes.

4. vi., To rise, of the tide.

5. n., A native fern (Polypodium pellucidum) commonly seen at Kīlauea Volcano. It has oblong fronds 15 to 40 cm long, once divided into about fifteen or more pairs of oblong segments, each of which bears many round fruit dots.

6. Same as ʻaʻae.

7. n., Shoots from main root portion of the wauke plant.

8. See ʻae kai, water's edge.

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hamani, To lend, not to borrow.

  • Examples:
    • E ʻoluʻolu e ʻae mai i kāu peni. Please lend me your pen; may I borrow your pen? Mān.

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kikino, General term for a permit or pass to enter a room, building, or area; ʻae can be used in conjunction with modifying terms to produce terms related to “pass.”

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    • Existing dictionary word

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