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1. n.v., Wandering tattler (Heteroscelus incanum 🌐), a slender regular winter migrant to Hawaiʻi, slaty above and white with dusky bars and streaks beneath. It breeds in Alaska and the Yukon. The cry of the bird; to cry thus.

  • References:
    • PPN kulili, kuulili.

2. n., Police whistle; ancient type of bamboo whistle; sound of these whistles. The whistles are said to be named for the cry of the tattler.

3. n., A bamboo tube used for blowing on a fire; to use this tube.

4. n., A musical instrument consisting of three gourds pierced by a stick; a whirring sound is made by pulling a string, thus twirling the gourds.

5. n., Hula step similar to ʻuwehe, except that only one heel at a time is raised; this step has a distinctive beat.

6. Same as , small gourd used as a spinning top; to spin this top.

7. vs., Steep, as a mountain road.

8. vs., Firm.

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9. n., A religious ceremony in ʻanāʻanā, sorcery.

10. Variant of hulili.

  • Examples:
    • Kuʻu ʻia maila kekahi ānuenue i ʻūlili ʻia (Laie 581), let down a rainbow that sparkled.
  • References:
    • PCP kulili, cf. Marquesan kuʻiʻi.

11. n., Poles separating bannisters, as on stairs; rails of hōlua sleds.

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kikino, Whistle, as a referee's.

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kikino, Railing support, balluster.

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