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/ ʻō.helo / Pukui-Elbert Haw to Eng,

1. n., A small native shrub (Vaccinium reticulatum 🌐), in the cranberry family; it has many branches with many small, rounded, toothed leaves, and bears round, red or yellow berries, which are edible raw or cooked for sauce. Formerly sacred to Pele, to whom offerings were made by throwing fruiting branches into the fiery pit at Kīlauea. Wind-dried leaves are still used for tea.

  • References:
    • Neal 662–3.

2. nvi., To move rapidly this way and that or back and forth, as a stick poking an oven; to ram; ramrod.

3. n., A hula dance; the dancer leans over on one side, supporting himself with one hand, and with the opposite foot and arm making a sawing motion; many mele ʻōhelo have sexual import.

4. n., General name for Vaccinium spp. 🌐, found on all islands but not common around Kīlauea Crater. Fruits are edible but smaller than ʻōhelo #1.

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