Wailau: Storytelling at UH Hilo

Be A Wailau Storyteller

Spring 2023 theme: Ripples

Date & Time TBA, UH Hilo Campus

Ripples in still waterSmall actions can have great effect This semester's theme explores "Ripples." What might this mean? A small action that grows to have a huge impact... a feeling or sound that spreads gradually through a group... to move in small waves... to pass from one person to another like a wave... what does it mean to you?

In spring 2023, Wailau will be staged live in front of an audience on UH Hilo's campus.

Who can be a storyteller?

Anyone on Hawaiʻi Island! UH Hilo students, staff or faculty members, alumni, or members of the wider community -- all have interesting stories to tell. Meet our brave storytellers from last semester: