Wailau: Storytelling at UH Hilo

Wailau Storyteller Application

The storyteller application for Wailau's fall 2021 event is now open. Please consider applying to be a Wailau storyteller. More event details will be released as we move closer to the event date.

Fall 2021's theme: Getting from Point A to Point B

Tell your story of work on a project or problem, a literal trip or journey, or a piece of your life journey with its twists and turns. Everyone has taken many journeys from Point A to Point B - we want to hear about yours!

Wailau Fall 2021 Flyer

The storyteller application for the Fall 2021 Wailau is now open. Tell us your stories! We welcome applications from faculty and staff (former and current), students, alumni, and community members. Tell the world at Wailau!

When you apply to be a storyteller, we will ask you to attach your story in either a text-based document or an audio/video file or link. This will allow us get a feel for what you want to share. If you choose to attach a video, don't worry about audio/video quality - the final version of your story will be filmed later. Stories should be about 5 minutes long with a one minute grace period (we can be flexible if the content requires a bit more time). See the Wailau FAQ for storytelling tips and more. Watch a Wailau episode to experience the event.

Wailau Fall 2021 Episode Timeline:

  • Application deadline: end of August 2021
  • Filming at Performing Arts Center (tentative): TBA
  • Event premiere: TBA

Tell the world at Wailau!