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Wailau Archives: Spring 2022

The fourth Wailau event with the theme "Tales of Misunderstanding" premiered on Saturday, May 7 at 2:00pm. Watch below:

The event was hosted by student Kuʻuhiapo Jeong, alumna Dayva Escobar, and topic expert Julie Mitchell from Ku‘ikahi Mediation Center. The stories were filmed on stage at UH Hilo's Performing Arts Center.

We applaud our brave storytellers, sharing their Tales of Misunderstanding:

Watch Wailau's Spring 2022 Episode

Tales of Misunderstanding graphic

Theme: Tales of Misunderstanding

We've all experienced misunderstanding - perhaps you've been misunderstood or you've completely misunderstood a situation or person. It may have resulted in mayhem, sadness, or hilarity. Listen to the spring storytellers share their tales of misunderstanding at Wailau!

Meet our brave storytellers: