Wailau: Storytelling at UH Hilo


Wailau is a series of themed storytelling events that build connections between members of our campus and wider community that go deeper than the roles we hold and honor our complex, fragile, fascinating and brave selves. Each event will explore a different theme and we seek to showcase five storytellers - a UH faculty member, UH staff member, UH student, UH alum, and a community member.

Fall 2022 Wailau Storyteller Application is Open

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Fall 2022's theme: New Beginnings

As we begin reconnecting and seeing each other in person, Wailau will be staged live in front of an audience on UH Hilo's campus. The theme explores new beginnings - a life change, a fresh start, or a new adventure. Perhaps telling your story will mark a new beginning!

Application deadline: NOW with applications accepted until the storyteller lineup is set

Storyteller coaching will be offered, as well as an optional face-to-face rehearsal and a rehearsal in venue prior to the event premiere on Friday, Nov. 18.

Learn more: Wailau Storyteller Application.

Watch Wailau's Spring 2022 Episode

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View it on the Wailau Watch Page.

Theme: Tales of Misunderstanding

We've all experienced misunderstanding - perhaps you've been misunderstood or you've completely misunderstood a situation or person. It may have resulted in mayhem, sadness, or hilarity. Listen to the spring storytellers share their tales of misunderstanding at Wailau!

Meet our brave storytellers:

Meet the Next Wailau Hosts

New Wailau Hosts - Tori Matsumodo and Dane Dupre

UH Hilo welcomes new student hosts for the Wailau storytelling series! Our new hosts will have a semester to shadow our current hosts, learning the ropes, and will then fully take the reins in Fall 2022. UH Hilo students play a major role in staging Wailau, from operating lights, sound and cameras, to participating as hosts and storytellers. Students from the English Club determine Wailau themes, review applications and select storytellers. Mahalo to Tori and Dane for their role in helping to build community and understanding through Wailau!

Tori Matsumoto is an undergraduate English major at UH Hilo. She loves cringy poetry, piano, improv, cute rings, and - most recently - the stars. She says, “Stars are everywhere, and not just the literal flaming orbs in the sky. Stars twinkle in our eyes, course through our veins, and glow in our hearts. It's our hope for the future, passion for our interests, and unconditional love for others that makes being alive so incredibly special.” She likes to think that storytelling helps us share these qualities with the world, building each other up and spreading this love into our own souls, too.

Dane Dupre is a sophomore performing arts major at UH Hilo with dreams of becoming a professional actor. He is passionate about acting, filming, and the theater/movie industry. He fell in love with acting in his freshman year of high school. Since then, he has been part of many acting opportunities, such as Scary Scenarios, Valentine Vignettes, "The Savior of My World" for Lā Makuahine, and “Douglas” for Banyan. He hopes to fine tune his acting skills, make it on the big screen, and become an inspiration. He says, “I want to leave my trail of footsteps on this world, in hopes that someone will find it, and continue the path.”

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Please contact Kathleen Baumgardner with questions about speaking, volunteering or sponsoring Wailau.