Meet the 2019 REU Interns

2019 REU

Anuhea Robins

From: O'ahu.

Project: Comparing microarthropod communities amongst different plant species’ leaf litter in a Hawaiian lowland wet forest.

Mentor: Rebecca Ostertag and Robert Peck.

Agency: University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo and United States Geological Survey.

Hallie Whitmore

From: Hawaiʻi.

Project: Horizontal transfer of wolbachia from aedes albopictus to culex Quinquefasciatus.

Mentor: Jared Nishimoto and Jolene Sutton.

Agency: Conservation Genomics Research Group.

Jesse Tabor

From: Hawaiʻi.

Project: Invasive Potential for Non-Native Bees Present in Hawai’i.

Mentor: Jon Koch.

Agency: University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.

Mario Kaluhiokalani

From: O'ahu.

Project: Genetic Barcoding of the native, Mugil cephalus, and invasive, Osteomugil engeli, mullet in a coastal Hawaiian fishpond.

Mentor: John HR Burns.

Agency: Multiscale Environmental Graphical Analysis (MEGA) Lab.

Nikko Bjontegard

From: Hawaiʻi.

Project: Assessing The Effectiveness Of Ceratocystis Management Methods To Decrease The Spread Of Rapid ʻŌhi’a Death In Hawai‘i.

Mentor: Robert Peck, Kylle Roy, and Kelly Jaenecke.

Agency: Hawai‘i Cooperatives Studies Unit , U.S. Geological Survey, and Pacific Island Ecosystem Research Center.

Shelbi Madera

From: Hawaiʻi.

Project: Pollen Disbarment of Hawaiian Nectivorous Birds.

Mentor: Kristina Paxton.

Agency: Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science program University of Hawaii Hilo, LOHE lab.

Tamara Tso

From: Hawaiʻi.

Project: Oyster Conditions in Land Based Aquaculture Operations Compared to Conditions in Hilo Bay Research Farm.

Mentor: Maria Haws and Daniel Wilkie.

Agency: Pacific Aquaculture & Coastal Resource Center.

Uʻilani Jesse-Kealanahele

From: O'ahu.

Project: Sewage pollution impacts on Puakō’s coral reefs.

Mentor: Tracy N. Wiegner and Devon K. Aguiar.

Agency: University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.

Valentine Santarone III

From: Hawaiʻi.

Project: Species-typical behavior analyses on ‘alalā (corvus hawaiiensis) Responding to native plant species enrichment..

Mentor: Alison Flanagan and Bryce Masuda.

Agency: Hawai’i Endangered Bird Conservation Program.

Yukio Ishii

From: Hawaiʻi.

Project: Mapping of Water Motion in Anthropogenic Areas at Puakō, Hawaiʻi.

Mentor: Devon Aguiar.

Agency: University of Hawaii at Hilo: Marine Science Department.