Meet the 2019 MASSIP Interns


Casidhe Mahuka

From: American Samoa.

Project: Samoa Coral Reef Advisory Group.

Mentor: Sabrina Woofter.

Agency: Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources - American Samoa Coral Reef Advisory Group.

Jennet Chang

From: American Samoa.

Project: Implementing a watershed restoration project in American Samoa.

Mentor: DJ Sene.

Agency: American Samoa Community College Division of Agriculture, Community and Natural Resources.

Joshua Muna

From: Guam.

Project: How Coral Reefs are Bleaching on Guam.

Mentor: Mike Gawel and Ashton Williams.

Agency: Guam War in the Pacific National Historical Park.

Mira Eyangel Mariur

From: Palau.

Project: Coral Response to Heat Stress.

Mentor: Victor Nestor.

Agency: Palau International Coral Reef Center.

Yubee Isaac

From: Palau.

Project: Coral Reefs in the National Parks of the Pacific.

Mentor: Sharon Ziegler-Chong.

Agency: Community and Research Partnerships Pacific Internship Program for Exploring Science.