Pacific Internship Programs for Exploring Science (PIPES)

PIPES Alumni by Intern Year: 2001

All PIPES Alumni by Year

2001 University of Hawaiʻi Hawaiian Internship Program (UH-HIP) Interns

Anne Rosa

From: Oʻahu.

Project: Resource mapping for ahupua'a restoration and management.

Mentor: Adam Asquith.

Host Organization: UH Sea Grant Extension Service/Waipā Foundation.

Aurora Kagawa

From: Oʻahu.

Project: Restoring Kokee State Park.

Mentor: Katie Cassel.

Host Organization: Kokee Resource Conservation Program.

David Ohai

From: Oʻahu.

Project: Natural Resources Management at the Honouliuli Preserve.

Mentor: Dan Sailer.

Host Organization: The Nature Conservancy of Hawaiʻi.

Earlene Leilani Wilson

From: Hawaiʻi.

Project: Resource Management in the Olaa Kilauea Partnership Area.

Mentor: Tanya Rubenstein.

Host Organization: National Park Service/Olaa Kilauea Partnership.

Hina Kneubuhl

From: Maui.

Project: Auwahi Dryland Forest Restoration and Community Education Projec.

Mentor: Arthur Madeiros.

Host Organization: USGS PIERC.

Lawrence Martinson

From: Hawaiʻi.

Project: Effects of pigs on Strawberry guava population in the HVNP Ola'a Tract.

Mentor: Flint Hughes.

Host Organization: Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry, USDA Forest Service.

Mahealani Kaneshiro

From: Oʻahu.

Project: Chronosequencing mangrove ecosystem development in Hawai'i.

Mentor: Brian Fry/Rod Chimner.

Host Organization: Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry, USDA Forest Service.

Mana Taylor

From: Hawaiʻi.

Project: Environmental Education Assistant for summer education programs.

Mentor: Kuhea Paracuelles.

Host Organization: Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park.

Mila Misa

From: Hawaiʻi and American Samoa.

Project: The effects of pigs on the growth of Psidium cattleianium.

Mentor: Flint Hughes.

Host Organization: USDA Forest Service.

Namaka Whitehead

From: Oʻahu.

Project: Hanauma Bay Coastal Plant Education Project.

Mentor: Elizabeth Kumabe.

Host Organization: Hauama Bay Education Program, UH Sea Grant.

Napua Harbottle

From: Oʻahu.

Project: Forestry Protection for Waianae Kai Forest Reserve.

Mentor: Pat Costales.

Host Organization: DLNR DOFAW.

Noa Kekuewa Lincoln

From: Maui.

Project: Coral Reproductive Rates Through Fragmentation & Education of Hawaiian Marine Ethnozoology.

Mentor: Hannah Bernard & Eric Brown.

Host Organization: Maui Ocean Center of Pacific Island Forestry, US Forest Service.

Noa Lincoln

From: Maui.

Project: Traditional Hawaiian uses and names of nearshore reef fauna/Coral propagation and monitoring.

Mentor: Hannah Bernard.

Host Organization: Maui Ocean Center.

Raymond McGuire

From: Hawaiʻi.

Project: Ecological host range of biocontrol agents on Rubus.

Mentor: Tracy Johnson.

Host Organization: Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry, USDA Forest Service.

Tia Blankenfeld

From: Oʻahu.

Project: From the Ground Up: Public Outreach and Education Framework for Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Mentor: ʻAulani Wilhelm.

Host Organization: National Ocean Service/NWHI Coral Reef Ecosystem Reserve.