Pacific Internship Programs for Exploring Science (PIPES)


Mentor applications for PIPES 2024 programming will open on the Hilo moon of Makaliʻi (December 13th, 2023) !

Mentors are an essential part of the PIPES programs’ success. It is through their commitment and excellent mentorship that our interns find the inspiration and guidance needed to continue their academic and career aspirations. Mahalo to all of our past and present mentors!

What is expected as a Mentor

  • Commit to mentoring a full-time intern for the duration of the internship, including developing a mentoring relationship that fosters routine check-ins, project guidance, teamwork in trouble-shooting and feedback for intern improvement
    • Create a safe space for the intern to learn
  • Identify a project within the scope of the internʻs interests
  • Assist with and participate in the internʻs project
  • Incorporate the intern into your organizationʻs overall activities and treat them as part of the team
  • Facilitate interns participation in PIPES activities and provide input for interns to submit PIPES assignments in a timely manner
  • Provide necessary support for the internʻs project (transportation when applicable, equipment, work space, literature/background information related to project, etc.)
  • Attend PIPES Mentor Orientation (on Zoom or in-person, ~1hr)
  • Attend Intern Mentor Hoʻolauna Session during Intern Orientation (in-person if possible)
  • Host PIPES staff for a Site Visit during weeks 5, 6 or 7 of internship
  • Attend the internʻs presentation during the PIPES Student Symposium at the end of internship

What is expected of Interns

  • Fully engage in PIPES programming and internship work and project duties
  • Represent PIPES and the internship organization through the summer and behave accordingly
  • Write a Personal Internship Development Plan which outlines personal, academic, and project goals and objectives for the summer
  • Attend and participate fully in the mandatory 4-day Orientation, including meeting with their mentor(s) during the Intern Mentor Hoʻolauna Session
  • Report to internship work site on time and through the end of the work day
  • Keep frequent and clear communication between mentor(s), intern, and PIPES staff when applicable
  • Submit regular Progress Reports to PIPES staff when they are due
  • Participate in Māhuahua meetings, Huakaʻi, HCC (off-island travel), and Reflection Camp
  • Present the summer project and experiences to a live audience in the Student Symposium at the end of programming

Covid-19 Considerations

Although the University of Hawaiʻi campuses and system programs have phased out COVID-19 mandates, our communities and families may continue to be impacted by the virus. Our program's top priority is ensuring the health and safety of our participants and mentors, and we operate with these sensitive and at-risk communities in mind.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or (808) 932-7984.