Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Team

Kainoa Ariola-Sukisaki, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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Kainoa assists the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs with coordination of enrollment management within the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) and with other units across campus. She facilitates the Program Review process across DSA and serves as the campus’ Care Team Coordinator. Kainoa advises senior leadership on institutional policies regarding student affairs and acts on behalf of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs as appropriate.

Karishma Kamath, Director of Student Conduct

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Karishma serves as the campus lead for advocacy, training, coordination, and implementation of the Student Conduct Code. She oversees the campus student judicial system by educating students about their rights and responsibilities, and implements the campus judicial procedures. Karishma counsels and advises students on grievances and policies related to the Student Conduct Code, Academic Grievance Procedures and discrimination complaints.

Marcia Tavares, Interim Secretary to the Vice Chancellor

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Marcia provides all administrative support to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, including maintaining her calendar and developing a majority of her correspondence. She also serves as the Human Resources Liaison for the Division of Student Affairs, and in this capacity generates, tracks and maintains all documentation associated with personnel-related actions. In her role, Marcia provides appropriate information regarding resources and referrals to students, parents, faculty and many other callers/visitors to the VCSA Office. Finally, she ensures that communication within the Division, as well as between the Division and other administrative areas across campus, occurs in a timely manner.

Chelsey Grant, Fiscal Support Specialist to the Vice Chancellor

Chelsey Grant

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Chelsey functions as the senior budget & fiscal administrator for the Division of Student Affairs. She collaborates with the Budget and Financial Directors of UH Hilo to effectively execute fiscal, procurement and other related policies & procedures. She advises the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs on the progress of projects assigned, anticipated problems, major policy changes that could affect assigned responsibilities and completion of projects. She works to resolve operational and administrative matters in accordance with current policies, procedures, and directives. She also provides administrative staff support for the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, including disbursing and purchasing, formulating budgets, and monitoring contracts.

John Oshima, Administrative Assistant to the Vice Chancellor

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John provides support to the VCSA office, as well as to the many units across the Division of Student Affairs, in the following key areas: general administrative duties, off-campus housing liaison, event and meeting management (including the Divisional Town Hall meetings); web page maintenance and desktop user support; promotions, marketing and graphic design; and researching information for and compiling Divisional reports. In addition, John lends his artistic abilities to the job by helping us document important Division of Student Affairs and campus-wide events with his great photography skills.