Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

UH Hilo Faculty Handbook

Table of Contents


The University of Hawai╩╗i at Hilo Faculty Handbook has been prepared with input from authoritative sources, including the university Library; the Office of Student Affairs; the Business Office; the Human Resources Office; and the Office of Technology and Distance Learning.

The handbook refers to many documents, almost of all of which are available online; click on the live links to view or download these documents.

In this document, the following abbreviations are used for the six colleges:

UH Hilo Academic Policies

The handbook contains UH Hilo academic policies in appropriate sections, highlighted for prominence' as well as references and extracts from UH system policies. Two essential web resources on university policies are:

Academic Resources

Academic Policies:

  1. Academic Complaint Policy
  2. Academic Dishonesty
  3. Academic Regulations
  4. Academic Freedom
  5. Other UH Hilo Academic Policies


  1. Institutional Accreditation
  2. Program Review Process

Curriculum Resources:

  1. Curriculum Resources
  2. Kuali Student Curriculum Management System Resources
  3. Credit Hour Policy
  4. Course Numbering System
  5. General Education
  6. Writing Intensive Program
  7. Placement Exams

Student Registration Resources:

  1. Requesting Banner and STAR Access
  2. STAR for Advisors
  3. Registrar's Faculty Resources

Teaching Resources

  1. Academic Calendars
  2. Directed Research and Reading Courses
  3. Special Topics and Experimental Courses
  4. Enrollment Caps/Course Management
  5. Textbook Ordering
  6. Textbook Options for Faculty
  7. Registration Override Codes and Instructions
  8. Distance Essentials for Remote Delivery
  9. Laulima Learning Management System
  10. Syllabus Template
  11. Syllabi Student Support Statements
  12. Disability Accommodation and Services
  13. Office Hours
  14. Kilohana - The Academic Success Center
  15. Responding to Distressed or Disruptive Students
  16. Students of Concern/Care Team
  17. Attendance and Satisfactory Progress
  18. Course Evaluation System
  19. Final Examination Policy
  20. Final Examination Schedule
  21. Grading and Grade Changes
  22. Entering Final Grades in MyUH
  23. Incomplete Grades

Academic Advising Resources

  1. FERPA Annual Notice
  2. Career and Academic Advising (Freshmen)
  3. UH Hilo Catalog
  4. 4-Year Academic Maps
  5. General Education (GE)
  6. Academic Regulations
  7. Academic Bankruptcy
  8. Registrar's Office Commonly Used Forms
  9. Transfer Credit
  10. Summer Session

Faculty Employment Resources

  1. UHPA, the Faculty Union
  2. UH Hilo Human Resources Office
  3. UH System Employee Benefits and Leaves
  4. Payroll and Direct Deposit
  5. UH Pay Stubs
  6. Faculty Duty Period
  7. Teaching Load; Released or Reassigned Time, Overloads
  8. Course Assignments and Scheduling
  9. Enrollment Caps/Course Management
  10. Professional Leave from Classes
  11. Faculty Guidelines for Contract Renewal, Tenure, Promotion and 5-Year Review
  12. Lecturer, Adjunct and Affiliate Faculty Appointments
  13. Course Evaluation Results
  14. Faculty Mentoring Program
  15. Faculty Sabbaticals
  16. Faculty Congress
  17. Excellence in Teaching Awards
  18. Faculty and Staff Awards

Research and Extramural Funding Resources


  1. MyGrant
  2. UH System Office of Research Services (ORS)
  3. Institutional Review Board (IRB) eProtocol

Student Affairs Resources

Student Affairs

  1. Undergraduate Admissions
  2. Graduate Admissions
  3. The Office of the Registrar
  4. Career and Academic Advising Center
  5. Financial Aid
  6. Student Employment
  7. Student Conduct
  8. Counseling Services
  9. Campus Center
  10. Campus Recreation
  11. Center for Global Education and Exchange
  12. Disability Services
  13. First Year Experience
  14. International Student Services
  15. Student Medical Services
  16. University Housing

UH Hilo Campus Administrative Resources

  1. Auxiliary Services:
  2. Human Resources
  3. Campus Security and Safety
  4. IT Help Desk
  5. Graphic Services
  6. Office of Equal Opportunity
  7. Title IX
  8. Edwin Mookini Library
  9. University Relations