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Zoom Credentials

UH Google Zoom vs. Accounts

We recommend that all teaching faculty have BOTH a UH Google and a sign-in.

If you can't sign in or launch Zoom with your UH Google sign-in (by clicking the Google icon), use your to sign in directly. Some classroom computers may require a vs. Google sign-in to launch Zoom properly.


Two types of accounts exist. You may have one or both.

  1. UH Google Zoom account (Signed up via clicking a Google icon)
  2. Directly registered account with (UH email and password)

Account #1 Zoom (direct sign-up)

If you were an early adopter of Zoom, you probably signed up for an account directly via the website with your UH Google email. By doing this, you created and registered a ZOOM username (email) and password directly with Zoom. This account is entirely independent of your UH Google account. To sign-in directly to Zoom, enter your Zoom email and password.

direct zoom loginDirect Zoom Sign-in

Account #2 UH Google Zoom (most common)

For those who didn't sign-up directly with, this is your only sign-in. You simply click the Google icon to sign in. In this case, you don't have a direct username and password. Your credentials are verified with Google and not directly with Zoom.

google zoom loginUH Google Sign-in

We suggest that you try signing in to Zoom directly to test whether you have a direct ZOOM account or just a UH Google Zoom account. If you can't remember your ZOOM password, the video walkthrough below will provide you with all the steps to get you up and running. If you don't have a ZOOM direct account, the second video will help you create and link your newly created ZOOM account to your pre-existing UH Google Zoom account.

Zoom Password Reset

This video will walk you through the simple process of resetting your ZOOM account. Remember, this is NOT your UH Google Zoom account.

Walkthrough Overview 1. Click "forgot password"
2. Enter your UH Google email
3. Check your email for a password reset link

If you receive a message informing you that you initially signed up with Facebook or Google, see the next section on creating and linking a account with your pre-existing UH Google Zoom account.

Creating and Linking a Zoom Account with an Existing UH Google Zoom Account

Users that initially created their Zoom account with their UH Google sign-in, as mentioned, will NOT have an established ZOOM sign-in credential. This walkthrough will help you create an new ZOOM sign-in credential and link it to your pre-existing UH Google Zoom account.

The benefit is that you will have the ability to use either credential (sign-in) if one does not work properly.

Walkthrough Overview 1. Go to:
2. Signup with your UH Google email address
3. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you mirror your UH password
4. Confirm your signup (email)

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