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Microsoft 365 (Formally Office 365)


For more information on the Microsoft 365 Suite (formally Office 365) please see the link below:

Microsoft 365 Site

Microsoft 365 offers several advantages over the previous editions of Office.

Key Features:

  • Features are automatically updated
  • Cloud storage and backup of files
  • Online collaboration and sharing
  • Access your files anywhere on any device
  • Easy to use document accessibility checker

We highly encourage all users to utilize the new document accessibility checker to ensure that individuals with vision and learning disabilities can easily access the information. The accessibility checker is designed to guide and train users in the basics of accessibility. The checker is automatic (once activated) and works in the background as you type. Most of the fixes are now fully automated or guided.

Training and Tutorials

Source Subject UH Account Required?
Microsoft Microsoft 365 Training Series N
Microsoft Accessibility Video Training Series N
GCF Global Office Training Tutorials N