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Distance Learning Pedagogy and Training

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Tips, Tricks, and Training

This section contains DL success tips and tricks, training, and course resources to increase the success of your online course.

Quick Access: Self-Guided Training

Over the Summer of 2020, the Distance Learning Team (formerly the Remote Teaching Team) compiled and assembled a series of online teaching presentations and workshops to assist faculty in transitioning their courses to an online format. These recorded presentations provide pointers on how to improve both the student's and faculty's online experience.

TSU Remote Teaching - Video Series

Patrick Smith is the Assistant Director of the Office of Extended and Distance Learning at Texas State University (TSU) San Marcos. An Instructional designer, Patrick, has developed a series of workshops especially, for UH Hilo to, enhance distance learning and instructional excellence. From beginning online teaching to using specialized instructional technology tools, these workshops offer an array of ways to build faculty expertise and engage students.

TSU Video Series: Remote Teaching Overview and Strategies for Common Tasks

Laulima Pro Tips

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  • Videos and Guides

  • Online Assessment Strategies

    From our UH Hilo Remote Teaching Overview and Strategies for Common Tasks web page, some ideas are shown under the Tests and Quizzes and Assess Student Learning sections. Here are some highlights:

    • Consider non-exam options.
    • Look at alternate exam formats.
    • Consider focusing on question types like essays or short answers.
    • Use the Tests and Quizzes tool to randomize question order and distractor sequence.
    • Make the exam available for a shorter window of time.
    • Set at time limit on the exam attempt.

    Possible Redesigning of Your Exam (Alternatives)

    • Cumulative written paper.
    • Reflection paper.
    • Portfolio.
    • Recorded student presentation (keep FERPA requirements in mind).

    Supplemental Resources

    This additional resource, "Fourteen Simple Strategies to Reduce Cheating on Online Examinations," provides more thought-provoking ideas.

    The UH Systemʻs Online Assessment Strategies and Tips document can also help with some ideas for alternatives. It also includes a section entitled, "How do I deter students from cheating." (note: at present, neither UH Hilo nor the UH System has a system-wide online proctoring product available).

    Additional Articles and Resources

    Though these articles were not written or produced by the University of Hawaiʻi, they provide helpful insight and guidance to address common online teaching course concerns.

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