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Auto Closed Captioning

Augusta ADA Solution window

Augusta ADA Solution Auto Captioning Online Software

Augusta ADA Solution, an automated captioning tool which creates caption and/or transcript files from uploaded video or audio files. Augusta ADA Solution also provides a built-in editing tool for the generated caption and/or transcript files. Video files and their transcripts (text or PDF) can then be exported locally to be uploaded to YouTube or sent directly to Google Drive for sharing via email or Laulima. Supported files types include .mp4 and .mov.

Transcription time can vary depending on the length of video and options selected. Please allow several hours for transcription of full length classes.

The UH Hilo Remote Teaching Team tested this application; we recommend using it to generate downloadable transcripts (text documents) and NOT for closed captioning videos.

Please note: Augusta ADA Solution is an automated tool. It is not a reliable substitute for manual captioning. Please ensure that all captions and transcripts created are accurate.

Why Caption Videos?

Closed captioning helps everyone, not just vision impaired students.

Closed captioning benefits include, searchable text, improved student comprehension and retention, greater viewer flexibility (Ex. ability to read captions in noisy or silenced environments), and provides better accessibility and comprehension for ESL viewers.

Closed captions can also comfortably solve some other communication problems for students with autism, dyslexia or attention deficit disorder.


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