Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Humanities Division Chair Election Procedures

[Based upon the Humanities Division Personnel Committee Recommendation to the CAS Dean for Division Chair Election Procedures March, 2015 with Minor Revisions February 2018]

At least three months before the election, when possible, the CAS Dean should announce to the Humanities Division that the Division Chair's term is up and that a vote will take place so that those interested in seeking election will have time to decide if they want their name on the ballot.

Rather than relying on nominations (including self-nominations), for each election the Humanities Division Secretary will compile a list of all the eligible candidates, who must be tenured, rank 4-5, and from the Humanities Division, and send it to the Dean.

The Dean will notify each person on the list in a timely fashion, describe what the Division Chair's duties are, and inquire if he or she is willing to be nominated for the three-year term as Humanities Division Chair. Candidates should be at liberty to decline and not have that decision held against them (for example, for promotion from associate to full professor).

A current Division Chair can seek reelection. There is no limit to the number of terms a DC can have.

The Dean will prepare a ballot with the names of those who have indicated that they are interested in serving as Division Chair. The ballot should include the option "abstain" as this will indicate if there are voters who do not support any of the candidates.

The secret ballot will be administered by the Humanities Division Secretary, who will print and place ballots in faculty mailboxes.

The ballot box should be opened and the ballots counted by three people not directly invested in the election, for example, the Humanities Division Secretary, the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Secretary, and the CAS Associate Dean's Secretary. The Dean will announce the result of the vote to the Division.

In choosing the Humanities Division Chair, the CAS Dean will most often select the candidate who received the majority vote, yet the final decision is left to the Dean.

If two candidates receive the same number of votes and there is a tie, the Dean will most often appoint one of the two candidates as the next Division Chair.

James Kardash, UHPA 2/7/2018
Kenneth Hon, Interim VCAA 2/6/2018