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Health Related Programs at UH Hilo

Students in front of the Pharmacy Practice and Compounding Lab

Animal Science: Pre-Veterinary Medicine Track

The Animal Science Pre-Veterinary Medicine curriculum was developed for students interested in pursuing post-graduate studies in Veterinary Medicine or Animal Science. This curriculum meets the entrance course requirements of many Veterinary Colleges and graduate Animal Science programs.  Because Animal Science Pre-Veterinary Medicine students are required to take many of the same courses as Biology students, it is possible for students to receive a B.S. in Agriculture and a B.S. in Biology.

Anthropology: Medical Anthropology Track

Medical anthropology is a very exciting subfield of anthropology that examines the evolution of humans and pathogens, the effects of globalization and international development on health disparities, and the health legacies of colonialism. Medical anthropologists gain knowledge and develop skills that lend themselves to a variety of careers, including health services directors, health and social policy analysts, health care consultants, data analysts, social workers and health librarians. It is also an ideal undergraduate degree for pursuing graduate work in nursing or public health.  

Students wishing to pursue a medical anthropology track should meet with Dr. Lynn Morrison or in the Anthropology Department for guidance in completing the Anthropology major.

Biology: Pre-Medicine / Pre-Dentistry Track

Suturing Workshop for Pre-Med Students

Suturing Workshop for Pre-Med Students

The Pre-Medicine / Pre-Dentistry curriculum prepares students for admittance into medical and dental schools. Completion of the pre-medicine / pre-dentistry curriculum does not guarantee admission into medical or dental schools but it ensures that you take the courses that are required or recommended for admission to many medical or dental schools nationally.  Because requirements vary across medical schools, you should check the requirements of the particular medical school that you are interested in applying to.  The pre-medicine / pre-dentistry curriculum overlaps with the requirements for the B.A./B.S. Biology degrees at UH Hilo so you should make an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Awaya or Dr. Stan Nakanishi in the Biology Department for guidance.   

Liberal Studies: Health Care Administration

The Liberal Studies: Health Care Administration degree track is a pre-approved interdisciplinary curriculum designed to prepare students for entry-level supervisory roles in health care organizations.  The curriculum emphasizes both the conceptual and analytical skills required to manage in contemporary health care organizations. The program also prepares students who wish to eventually seek their master's degree in order to obtain senior health care executive positions. Students completing this curriculum will be prepared for administrative positions in hospitals, long-term care, outpatient facilities, physician offices, mental health organizations, insurance companies, public health agencies, and other types of health organizations.

Liberal Studies: Community Health Education

The Liberal Studies: Community Health Education degree path is a pre-approved interdisciplinary curriculum designed to prepare students for careers in health education. The curriculum is aligned with the National Commission for Health Education Specialists and prepares students to: Assess needs, assets, and capacity for health education, plan, implement, and administer health education programs, conduct evaluation and research related to health education, serve as a health education resource person, and advocate for health education.