Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Windward Community College MOU

Memorandum of Understanding Between the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo and Windward Community College

Partnership Agreement

This memorandum of understanding (MOU) summarizes the agreement between the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo (UH Hilo) and Windward Community College (WCC) to cooperatively promote successful undergraduate educational experiences for students who attend both institutions through curricular and advising pathways. We are entering in this partnership agreement to better serve students and to benefit programs on both campuses.

  1. Purpose and goals

    This Degree Pathways Partnership will facilitate the completion of baccalaureate degrees at UH Hilo by students who begin their post-secondary education at WCC.

    The program will improve student access, success, and 4-year degree completion by improving academic program articulation, offering students the opportunity to be admitted to and receive advising from the 4-year program while they are completing their WCC program, and fostering better alignment between learning goals at each institution.

  2. Program Identification

    Representatives from the Offices of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at UH Hilo and Office of the Vice Chancellor of Instruction at WCC will:

  • Identify programs on each campus that might benefit from an articulation agreement and work with faculty in these programs to develop curricular pathways and advising materials to facilitate transfer between the two institutions.
  • Identify faculty members in each program on each campus who will coordinate the joint program and serve as advisors to students in the program.
  1. Recruitment and Admission
  • Once program articulation has been completed, students in the selected WCC program will be eligible for dual admission to the selected UH Hilo program upon completion of the number of credits and with a G.P.A. to be determined by the admitting program, (with the understanding that students under the articulation agreement will remain at WCC until the completion of the A.A. or A.S. degree and any agreed upon set of lower division courses required for General Education or pre-requisites for upper-division courses).
  • Recruitment of students will be the responsibility of both institutions.
  1. Program Articulation and Advising
  • The management of the Partnership Agreement and resulting articulation agreement between the two institutions will be coordinated through the Chief Academic Officers or their designees at each institution
  • Issues related to articulation or other curricular matters will be resolved by the Chief Academic Officers or their designee at each institution.
  • Students admitted under the Partnership Agreement will be offered advising by the faculty member identified as responsible for coordinating the joint program on the WCC campus so that they can design a course of study to complete the agreed upon pre-requisites prior to transfer to UH Hilo.
  • Students admitted under this Partnership Agreement will be afforded access to the faculty member coordinating the joint program on the UH Hilo campus.
  • Students will be eligible to graduate under the UH Hilo catalog in force in the semester when they are accepted by the articulated baccalaureate program, or the catalog in force when they graduate from UH Hilo.
  • Students admitted under this Partnership Agreement will be able to register via the MyUH Portal for UH Hilo courses during UH Hilo’s early registration period prior to the student’s first semester at UH Hilo.
  1. Marketing
  • Promotional plans and materials will be subject to approval by each institution.
  1. Terms and Termination
  • This agreement shall not create any rights in any third parties, specifically any students participating in the program. The only parties to this agreement are UH Hilo and WCC.
  • Amendments to this agreement must be in writing and approved by the designated representatives of each institution.
  • Either party may terminate this agreement by giving written notice to the designated representative of the other institution at least 90 days prior to the commencement of a new academic term.


University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo
Rose Tseng

Windward Community College
Angela Meixell

Signed December 2008