Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Hawaiʻi Community College Administration of Justice MOU

Administration of Justice

Memorandum of Understanding between Hawaii Community College and The University of Hawaii at Hilo

March 9, 2011

The Administration of Justice (AJ) major at the University of Hawaii at Hilo (UH Hilo) requires one course - Administration of Justice (AJ 101) - offered at Hawaii Community College (HawCC). In support of this degree partnership agreement, UHH students will be able to register for the course as a regular part of their UH Hilo load and will pay applicable tuition fees for the course to UH Hilo. Compensation will be rebated to HawCC using a formula as indicated in #8 below. UH Hilo students may register for other HawCC AJ and/or SUBS course(s) as transferable elective credits for the Bachelor's Degree in Administration of Justice at UHH and must pay HawCC tuition and other applicable HawCC students’ fees.

  1. Administration of Justice 101 (AJ 101) is in Banner Catalog at each campus. Each semester that AJ 101 is offered at HawCC, the course offering(s) will be entered into Banner by each campus with identical scheduling information (days, times, place, instructor).

  2. The instructor(s) of AJ 101 will be selected and paid by HawCC.

  3. The UH Hilo Program Coordinator will be responsible for contacting the HawCC Program Coordinator for the scheduling information for AJ 101 course offering(s) and for turning in the scheduling information at the appropriate time to the Social Science Division of the College of Arts and Science at UH Hilo to schedule AJ 101 course offering(s) in Banner.

  4. The HawCC Instructor(s) teaching the course(s) will be provided Banner access to the UH Hilo course to access the class list and student information and to input grades.

  5. The total number of seats will be determined by the overall class cap; the number of seats available for each campus will be determined by the HawCC and UH Hilo Program Coordinators. For the first year of this agreement, HawCC will provide 10 seats to UHH for their AJ 101 course(s).

  6. During registration, the UH Hilo and HawCC Program Coordinators will monitor enrollment; at the beginning of the week prior to instruction, seats may be redistributed to maximize enrollment. Each campus will determine its own process for adjusting the class cap, with the maximum class cap in the combined sections remaining at the discretion of the HawCC.

  7. Official enrollment in UH Hilo AJ 101 course(s) will be determined at the end of the 50% refund period.

  8. Payment will be made by UH Hilo to HawCC according to the following formula:

    Cost per student = Actual Instructor pay rate, x 3 credits, divided by the total number of HawCC and UHH students in a designated AJ101 course(s).

    Total Payment = The number of UHH students registered in a designated AJ 101 course() x the cost per student calculation above.

  9. This agreement shall be in effect for three years from the date of signature starting in the Fall 2011 to Spring 2014. It may be terminated in writing by either party, with a minimum of one full semester’s notice.

Hawaii Community College

Signed by:

Mike Leialoha
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

Joni Onishi
Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Guy Kimura
Interim Dean for Liberal Arts & Public Services

Donnalyn Kalei
Assistant Professor, Administration of Justice

University of Hawaii at Hilo

Signed by:

Debra Fitzsimmons
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

Kenith Simmons
Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Randy Hirokawa
Dean, College of Arts and Science

Sarah Marusek
Program Head, Administration of Justice

Signed March 2011