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Exploratory Health Sciences Meta Major

The Exploratory Health Sciences Meta-Major provides students the opportunity to explore a diversity of health science programs leading to rewarding careers. This meta-major allows students to investigate career pathways prior to selection of a major. The meta-major is designed to fulfill most general education requirements within the first two years. Students planning to apply to the BSN in Nursing are advised to declare the Exploratory Health Science Meta-Major.

Two-Year Academic Map 2018-2019

This is a sample academic plan for students entering on the 2018-2019 catalog. Students should meet with an academic advisor prior to registration to formulate their own plan. Please tap the button following each course to view course description and prerequisites or see the UH Hilo Catalog for more course information.

Year 1: Fall Semester

Course Credit
ENG 100 (FW: Written Communication) 3
BIOL 125 3
FQ: Quantitative Reasoning 3
PSY 100 (DS: Social Science I) 3
COM 100 (DH: Humanities) or COM 270 (DS: Social Science II) 3
Credits 15

Year 1: Spring Semester

Course Credit
BIOL 275 (DB: Biological Science) 3
BIOL 275L (DY: Science Laboratory) 1
CHEM 141 (DP: Physical Science) 3
MATH 121 , PSY 213 or SOC 280 -SOC 280L 3
ANTH 205 (FGB: Global Multicultural Perspectives) 3
PSY 320 3
Credits 16

Year 2: Fall Semester

Course Credit
BIOL 243 -BIOL 243L 4
GL: Language Arts 3
NURS 375 or KES 207 (see note 1) 3
DA, DH or DL: Arts, Humanities, Literature I 3
DA, DH or DL: Arts, Humanities, Literature II (see note 2) or DS: Social Science II 3
Credits 16

Year 2: Spring Semester

Course Credit
BIOL 244 -BIOL 244L 4
FGA or FGC: Global Multicultural Perspectives 3
NURS 203 3
NURS 348 3
KES 202 3
Credits 16

Year 3 and Year 4


  1. Students applying for the School of Nursing should enroll in NURS 375.
  2. Students who choose to take COM 100 as a DH-Humanities course should take a DS Social Science course. Students who choose to take COM 270 as a DS- Social Sciences course should take a DA, DH or DL Arts and Humanities course.