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Exploratory Health Sciences Meta Major

Two-Year Academic Map 2018-2019

This is a sample academic plan for students entering on the 2018-2019 catalog. Students should meet with an academic advisor prior to registration to formulate their own plan.

Y1: Fall Semester

Course Credit
ENG 100 (FW: Written Communication) 3
BIOL 125 3
FQ: Quantitative Reasoning 3
PSY 100 (DS: Social Science I) 3
COM 100 (DH: Humanities) or COM 270 (DS: Social Science II) 3
Credits 15

Y1: Spring Semester

Course Credit
BIOL 275 (DB: Biological Science) 3
BIOL 275L (DY: Science Laboratory) 1
CHEM 141 (DP: Physical Science) 3
MATH 121, PSY 213 or SOC 280-SOC 280L 3
ANTH 205 (FGB: Global Multicultural Perspectives) 3
PSY 320 3
Credits 16

Y2: Fall Semester

Course Credit
BIOL 243-BIOL 243L 4
GL: Language Arts 3
NURS 375 or KES 207^ 3
DA, DH or DL: Arts, Humanities, Literature I 3
DA, DH or DL: Arts, Humanities, Literature II^^ or DS: Social Science II 3
Credits 16

Y2: Spring Semester

Course Credit
BIOL 244-BIOL 244L 4
FGA or FGC: Global Multicultural Perspectives 3
NURS 203 3
NURS 348 3
KES 202 3
Credits 16

Year 3 and Year 4

  • Developed by the SON and KES department.
  • 2 Year degree plan that does not culminate in a degree. Students must declare a major upon the completion of semester 4.
  • Curriculum is built to include all SON application requirements while allowing students transfer options to KES Health Promotion track without losing credits.
  • Allows all SON application requirements to be covered by Financial Aid.
  • EXHS replaces PRNU in Fall 2018.



^Students applying for the School of Nursing should enroll in NURS 375.
^^Students who choose to take COM 100 as a DH- Humanities course should take a DS Social Science course. Students who choose to take COM 270 as a DS- Social Sciences course should take a DA, DH or DL Arts and Humanities course.