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Textbook Orders

The division or college secretary will ask faculty members for textbook orders no later than October 1 for the following Spring semester, March 1 for Summer sessions, and April 1 for the following Fall semester. Faculty members are encouraged to have their textbook requisitions completely filled out before submitting them to the division or college secretary.  Incomplete requisitions will only result in delaying the order process.  Shipping costs make errors and late orders very expensive.

Publishers’ websites provide all information required for these orders, including ISBN number, author, edition, date of publication.┬á Please contact the bookstore should you have any problems obtaining any of the required information.

The Bookstore uses the exact information supplied by the faculty to process their orders. If there is an edition of a book other than the one you requested, the bookstore will not order it unless explicitly instructed to do so.

In making their orders, faculty members should estimate class enrollments as accurately as possible. Underestimates can result in desperate students lacking textbooks or in emergency air shipments which will be made at department expense.

Desk copies, instructor’s manuals, and similar materials are ordered by division/college secretaries at the request of faculty members at the time book orders are submitted.

The Campus Bookstore, part of the UH bookstore system, is located on the ground floor of the Campus Center. Students and faculty members can purchase textbooks, books of general interest, clothing with UH Hilo emblems, software, school and office supplies, souvenirs and sundry items. Computers and other hardware ordered online through the UH system bookstore are delivered via the campus bookstore.

Updated June 2013--AKS