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Administration of research activities at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo is carried out jointly by the Office of Research under the direction of the Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development and by the Research Administration / Project Development (RAPD) largely through its satellite office in Hilo. The university utilizes a portion of its indirect funding associated with extramural grants to fund Research Office activities, with these funds administered by RAPD. These include intramural grant programs that are administered by the UH Hilo Research Council. The Research Council also serves as the primary recommending body to the Vice Chancellor for Research on all research matters at UH Hilo.

For more information about grants, visit the UH Hilo Office of Research webpage

UH Hilo Grant Proposal Repository

In 2010, the Office began developing a repository of grant proposals that can be used by UH Hilo faculty and staff as aids in developing their own proposals. Proposals are invited, preferably in digital format, and can be for grants of all kinds: research, training, special programs. For more information, contact Yolanda Andres or visit the UH Hilo Research webpage.

Intramural Funds

The UH Hilo Research Council has established three intramural grant programs. Full time faculty or professional staff may apply for these grants, but  they are limited in the frequency with which they may apply for each type of grant. In general, junior faculty are favored over senior faculty in award decisions, although the major criterion is merit.

The three intramural grant programs include:

  • Travel awards, which are awarded for travel to professional conferences where the faculty/staff member will be presenting papers and/or posters that report on their research efforts. Travel awards are for a maximum of $2200.
  • Seed money grants, which support research by faculty that is expected to yield results that will help the investigator receive extramural funding for research in the future. Seed money grants are for a maximum of $15,000 annually.
  • The research relations fund, which is designed to fund small grants for scholarly activity in academic fields that normally have little chance for extramural funding. The maximum amount is $5,000 annually.

The UH Hilo Research Council may change the award programs on a yearly basis based upon funding and faculty interest, by adding or deleting programs or by changing the funding levels allocated to these programs.

Extramural Funding

UH Hilo strongly encourages faculty to apply for extramural funding of scholarly and/or creative activities as well as training grants to enhance instructional capabilities. There are diverse international, federal, state, county and private agencies that provide funds for such activities.

The Research Office and the Hilo office of the Research Office and the Hilo office of the Research Administration / Project Development (RAPD; phone 932-7688) obtains information about many grant opportunities, including due dates for receipt of applications, and the office staff will be happy to provide current information to faculty and staff. It is suggested that faculty contact the Research Office with information about their interest areas so the office staff can alert them to grant opportunities. However, the best source of information on funding opportunities will be in newsletters and journals in the faculty member’s subject area or via the Internet.

Grants are administered by the Research Administration / Project Development and by the UH Hilo Research Office . Applicants are required, when preparing a proposal, to submit to the RCUH office and to UH Hilo administrators an “Intent to Apply for Funding” form, which briefly outlines the planned research project, to what agency it will be submitted, and estimates of what UH Hilo commitments are requested in terms of monetary costs (e.g., required cost sharing), facility use, and personnel.  It is highly recommended that applicants contact the RAPD Office pre-award staff as early in the grant proposal preparation process as possible.

Additionally, RAPD Form 1 must be routed with the grant proposal prior to submittal to the funding agency. RAPD Form 1 outlines monetary and other concerns in a more precise fashion, and is used to coordinate UH Hilo administrative review and approval.

No grant proposal may be submitted to an extramural funding agency without the written approval of the chancellor or his/her designee.

The UH system Office of Research Services establishes human studies and animal welfare review committees (Institutional Review Boards) and requires that investigators apply for approval from these committees where appropriate. The University of Hawaiʻi system also has an Environmental Health and Safety Office that must approve projects involving the use of potentially hazardous materials. Information about these review processes may be obtained by calling (808) 956-7800 or by visiting the main UH Web page and selecting “Research.” Faculty must allow time for these reviews to take place.

Depending on the scope of the proposed project, administrative forms and protocols in addition to the ones outlined above may be required. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the RCUH RAPD Office staff as soon as possible to obtain the required forms and for assistance with the proposal protocol.

Award for Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activities

This award recognizes a member of the tenure-track faculty or a full-time BOR classified professional staff member for outstanding achievement in scholarly and/or creative endeavors.

Nomination deadline and form and other information are posted at

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