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Privacy of Student Information

UH Hilo complies with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which gives students certain rights with respect to their educational records. Certain personally identifiable information is considered to be “directory information.”

A list of items considered to be directory information, along with a summary of student rights, is in the university catalog and online at FERPA.

In response to public inquiry, directory information may be disclosed without prior consent of the student unless the student informs the University not to disclose such information.

Faculty should be aware that grades are not considered directory information and therefore should not be disclosed to a third party (including parents and spouses) under any circumstances without a student’s written permission.

A student who wishes to give permission for a third party to access grades or other protected information should complete the “Consent to Disclose Education Records to a Third Party” form, available on the website listed above.

In addition, faculty may not post results on their office doors or other public places by social security number or name or any manner which might reasonably be used to identify students without their permission.

Questions about student records and FERPA should be directed to the Registrar at 932-7447 or 932-7634.

Reviewed July 2012 by CZ.