Online Advising Resources

You will find a comprehensive collection of policies, procedures, and current registration information on the Career and Academic Advising Center webpage.

STAR Student Information System. A comprehensive review of studentsÔÇÖ records is available through STAR for Advisors. STAR provides current reports on each studentÔÇÖs course work at UH Hilo, at all institutions in the UH system, as well as courses accepted in transfer from institutions outside the system. Progress in General Education, graduation requirements, and major requirements is also reported in STAR,

The STAR information system can be accessed by faculty advisors and administrators only on authorized computers on campus:

Training in STAR is available to all faculty through arrangement with the Office of the Registrar (932-7634 or 932-7447) or the Advising Center (932-7776). The first step is to obtain security clearance for STAR; start this process at Banner/STAR Access page at the Office of the Registrar.

Students also have access to their graduation audit reports through STAR for Students through MyUH Services.

General Education requirements. Details about the GE program, in effect in Fall 2011 and applying to students entering UH Hilo for the first time in Fall 2011, can be found on the General Education web site.

General Education Basic and Area requirements are waived for students who have earned an AA or a BA degree prior to official matriculation to UH Hilo. Not waived are the General Education Integrative requirements (Writing Intensive, Hawai╩╗i Pan-Pacific, Global and Community Citizenship) or, for students planning to graduate under the previous General Education requirements, the Writing Intensive and Hawai╩╗i-Asia-Pacific requirements.

Graduation requirements. Current graduation requirements for baccalaureate candidates are listed in the university catalog.

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