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Teaching Load, Duty Period, Leaves

UH Hilo Policy on Teaching Load. Released or Reassigned Time: Faculty at UH Hilo have a semester teaching load of twelve credit hours; in practice, for tenured or tenure track faculty, three of those hours are considered released or reassigned time to permit faculty to engage in research and service activities. This released time is granted automatically for tenured and tenure track faculty and does not require approval. In addition, faculty can be reassigned or released from teaching for three or more credit hours to perform certain kinds of administrative tasks such as serving as the chair of the UH Hilo Congress or as a division chair. Chairs of departments which require an unusually large amount of administrative activity may also be granted released time. Faculty time can be “bought out” and reassigned to research with funds from extramural grants. All released time requests must be made in writing to the Dean through the Department Chair (and Division Chair, if appropriate), with final approval resting with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

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Occasionally, faculty may be compensated for teaching an additional course above the normal teaching load. This overload compensation is paid on a per credit basis according to rank, as provided in the UHPA Contract. Teaching during the summer session is on a voluntary basis and is determined according to the needs of each department. Summer faculty are compensated on a per credit basis, according to rank, as provided in the UHPA contract.

This campus policy statement is consistent with Board of Regents Policy 9-16.a,b. and Article, faculty union contract 2009-2015.

UH Hilo Policy on Duty Period: The duty period for 9-month faculty begins on Monday of the week prior to the beginning of instruction (except where a state holiday falls on the Monday, in which case, the duty period begins on Tuesday) for the Fall semester and ends with the submission of final grades at the end of the Spring semester. Faculty are expected to be on campus and available for activities such as (but not limited to) advising and faculty meetings. During the interval between semesters and during the spring recess, faculty members normally engage in professional activities. However, faculty members who do not have duties requiring their presence on campus may travel for personal reasons at their own expense.

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Current dates for the duty period are posted on the university’s academic calendar and in the current UH Hilo catalog.

There are procedures and forms associated with all leaves during the duty period. See your college or division secretaries to process applications for leaves. This campus policy is consistent with UH system policy and Article V, faculty union contract 2003-2009.

Sick Leave and Family Leave. Faculty should notify their department chairs when they require sick leave or family leave. Faculty sick leave procedures are described in systemwide Administrative Procedures A9.380, posted at . The sick leave form is available at . Provisions for family leave and request forms are posted at

Division and college secretaries can provide the appropriate forms.

UH Hilo Policy on Professional Leave from Classes: When filing travel requests for off-island/out-of-state conferences, meeting, or other professional activities, faculty are to seek the approval of their department chair as to how their courses will be covered. Faculty are not to cancel classes or to send students to do independent work, since all courses are required to offer a specified number of “contact hours.” Appropriate class coverage could include having a faculty colleague proctor an exam or in-class writing assignments, show films, or conduct discussions; posting a podcast lecture on-line or providing a videotaped lecture; inviting a guest lecturer; formally scheduling a library instructional session, etc.

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Travel requests and travel completion reports must be filed during travel at any time during the year, and faculty are expected to engage in professional activities during the summer period to compensate for whatever number of days they miss during the duty period. See division secretary for travel request and travel completion forms, or download them from

For further clarification on the duty period, consult Article VIII of the faculty union contract at

Sabbatical Leave. The University of Hawaiʻi’s policies regarding sabbatical and other leaves are detailed in UH Executive Policy E9.103 and in article VI-A of the UHPA contract at

Faculty should consult with their department chairs well in advance of submitting their requests for sabbatical to ensure that their courses can be adequately covered in their absence.

The UH Hilo application form for sabbatical leave is available from division/college offices. The system’s guidelines and application form are at

Leave without Pay for Professional Improvement. Provisions for leave without pay are described in .

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