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Key Contacts: Where to Get Help

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Senior colleagues and college or division clerical staff can answer many questions about how to get things done, where to go, and whom to see. Here is a list of the most frequently consulted offices and phone numbers. (When dialing from on campus, dial the extension as listed. When dialing from off campus, precede the extension with the prefix 97 for extensions beginning with 4; dial the prefix 93 for extensions beginning with 3.)

Academic Year Calendar


Advising Center (web )

Auxiliary Services (web )

Bookstore (web )

Business Office (web )


Campus switchboard x7200

Counseling Services for students

Computer, internet, software problems, media classrooms: Help Desk

Class lists for current semester or next semester:

Course Schedule for current or next semester

Distance Learning Academic Courses or Programs

EEO/AA Office

Faculty Training/Support for PC and Mac instructional technology and pedagogy

Faculty Union (University of Hawaii Professional Assembly) questions and contract

Help Desk for computer problems

Human Resources Office (web )

  • Job-Related Questions

Kilohana: The Academic Success Center (web )

Mookini Library ( web )

Online course design, training

Personnel review and application process

  • Consult your division chair, dean, or director

Purchasing: Your division or college secretary or Business Office

Records and Registration: Office of the Registrar

Reserve a classroom for a special event:

Reserve Hoʻoulu Terrace (UCB 127):


Student Conduct Concerns:

  • Your department chair, division chair, dean or director, or
  • Dean of Students Kelly Oaks

Summer Session Coordinator Scott Kawachi

Writing Center (student tutors)

Writing Intensive course online application

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