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General Education

General Education Basic, Area, and Integrative Requirements

The current General Education Basic, Area, and Integrative requirements program went into effect in Fall 2011. The program, approved by faculty and the faculty Congress in Spring 2008, is comprised of distribution requirements tied to assessable learning outcomes and six goals.

The requirements are designed to cultivate in students skills and knowledge in six areas of crucial importance in their personal lives and careers and in their role as citizens of the nation and the world. It is expected that students will grow in competence and knowledge in these areas throughout their years in college. These areas are

  • critical thinking
  • information literacy
  • communication
  • scientific and quantitative reasoning
  • human interaction and cultural diversity
  • collaborative skills and civic participation

Courses that promote such skills and knowledge are offered by many departments. At UH Hilo, students will be able to explore the visual and performing arts, the sciences and mathematics, literature and languages, and the social sciences from anthropology through women’s studiesÔÇöas well as completing their chosen majors.

Requirements are met by completing courses selected from these categories:

  • Basic: Composition, Language Arts, Quantitative Reasoning, World Cultures
  • Area: Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences
  • Integrative: Writing Intensive, Hawai╩╗i Pan Pacific, Global and Community Citizenship

Faculty advisors and Advising Center staff will guide students as they plan their course of study, ensuring that they meet these basic, area, and integrative requirements as well as the requirements of their major.

Information on the current requirements is in the university catalog at General Education and is posted in more detail at General Education Basic, Area, and Integrative Requirements. This webpage provides such information as how students can select the catalog under which they will graduate, special conditions for transfer students, and the proposal process by which faculty can have courses certified for General Application.

Descriptions of the previous General Education requirements can be found in the 2010-2011 catalog, available in PDF at Catalog Back Issues.

Reviewed June 2013 by AKS.