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Effective Teaching, Teaching Excellence Awards

The university prides itself on its excellent student-teacher ratio and relatively small classes. Faculty have developed many effective teaching strategies, and some years ago these were shared and compiled at a workshop in which over a hundred faculty participated. Results of the discussions are presented at the Teaching Strategies that Work at UH Hilo webpage.

Establishing connections with your students begins with learning the name of each student. In order to make students feel comfortable, faculty may want to ask students at the beginning of the semester how they wish to be addressed and how their names are pronounced.  Some Hawaiian students, for example, commonly prefer to be  called by their Hawaiian names. Some transgender students may  prefer to be called by a name that is most closely associated with their gender preference, even though it may not be their legal name and the name that appears on your class list.

Other simple but effective teaching strategies are summarized on the webpage referred to above.

Awards for Excellence in Teaching

UH Hilo recognizes excellence in teaching through the Board of Regents Award for Excellence in Teaching (tenured or tenure-track faculty), the Frances Davis UH System Award for Excellence in Teaching (instructor or assistant professor), the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teacing (instructor or lecturer), and the Taniguchi Award for Innovation in Teaching and Research. Names of prior awardees and nomination deadlines and forms and other information are posted at Faculty and Staff Awards.

Reviewed June 2013 by AKS.