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Credit-No Credit, Credit by Examination

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Students can elect to take a course for Credit/No Credit (Cr/NCr) rather than for a grade, although credit-no credit courses cannot be used toward the requirements for a major, and no more than 12 credits of CR/NC coursework can count towards degree requirements.

At UH Hilo, a student must earn the equivalent of a grade of C- or higher to be awarded CR for a course taken Cr/NCr or for credit by examination. The deadline for exercising the credit/no credit option is the Friday at the end of the third week of instruction; the specific date is published in the Academic Calendar. See the university catalog.

The student must declare credit/no credit status before the end of the third week of classes. Details are in the university catalog.

Once elected, a credit/no credit designation cannot be reversed.

The only exceptions to these conditions are those courses in which only grades of credit/no credit (or pass/no pass at CoP) are assigned to all students, as in internships and practica.

Students should be cautioned that credit/no credit courses cannot be used to fulfill certain scholarship requirements. See the UH Hilo catalog for more information.

Credit by Examination

Students can elect to complete up to 30 credits of course work by examination of various kinds. Detailed descriptions of the examinations and restrictions on credit-by-examination can be found in the university catalog.

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