Class Lists, Closed Classes, Authorization/Permits to Enroll

Class Lists

Each faculty can obtain current class lists for all of their currently scheduled courses from their MyUH faculty webpage at MyUH Services . Lists provide student names, UH I.D. numbers, email addresses, major, and class status.

Faculty should verify the accuracy of their class lists during the first and second week of the semester while students who might not have registered can still add courses. Inaccurate class lists can have significant consequences for students who either are present but not officially enrolled or who do not officially withdraw from a class. Students who are not included in your class lists are not eligible to attend your class, and the instructor should notify such students of their status immediately.

Faculty using Laulima for online courses or to supplement their face-to-face courses should verify that all students on their MyUH course lists are also included on their Laulima course lists; report discrepancies to the Laulima staff by choosing “Request Assistance” on the Laulima portal page.

If you are unable to retrieve a class list from MyUH Services, please contact your college or division office immediately for assistance.

Tracking Enrollment in Courses

Enrollments in courses in the current semester and, after early registration begin, for the following semester can be tracked by going to your MyUH Services account and choosing on “Class availability”; or by going to or by going directly to Class Schedules

Closed/Filled Courses and Waiting Lists

In high-demand courses, faculty can expect that classes will become filled (closed) and that students will request permission to add the class.

In most cases, enrollment caps are based on classroom size, and Writing Intensive courses (described in the Teaching Resources section of this handbook) are capped at 20. Faculty are under no obligation to add students above the formal class limit. Some faculty maintain a waiting list and invite students to come to class the first week in case other students drop the course.

Permission or Authorization to Enroll

Faculty may permit a student to register for their own closed classes during the registration period, thus raising the class’s enrollment limit. They may also authorize students to enroll in their classes when students do not meet the approved prerequisites or, in the case of transfer students, when the prerequisite courses have not yet been posted on their UH Hilo records. Authorizations enable students to compete for the available seats in a course. An authorization does not allow a student to enroll in a closed (full) course; for that a “permit” is required.

To permit or authorize a student to enroll, the faculty member enters the appropriate information online through MyUH Services. Login and choose "Override Code Entry" under Academic Services/Faculty Services in the left frame of the page.

Faculty can access an online tutorial at

Alternatively, the faculty can have the student complete a Registration Permit form, sign it, and direct the student to submit the form to the division or college office for processing. The permit form is available in division and college offices and [online from the Office of the Registrar](/registrar/documents/ RegistrationOverride_uhhroRegForm.pdf).

Because division and college clerical staff have many tasks during the registration period, faculty can help students and staff by handling their own permits and authorizations via MyUH Services as described above.

To complete the enrollment process, the student must then access the STAR Portal to register for the class. If the student does not register in this way, he or she will not be enrolled in the course.

Instructors should confirm student enrollments by checking their classlists on their MyUH Services accounts.