Advising Essentials

UH Hilo Policy on Academic Advising

Academic advising is an important responsibility of all full-time faculty. Students without a declared major are advised by the Advising Center. Every student who has declared a major is assigned a faculty advisor in the major department. Each program determines its own procedures for advising majors including the distribution of the advising responsibilities among its faculty.

A complete statement of this policy is posted at UH Hilo Academic Policies.

Faculty are responsible for advising regarding all academic requirements in their respective major, including General Education and graduation requirements.

Students who have not yet declared a major are advised by the professional advising staff of the UH Hilo Advising Center. Every student who has declared a major is assigned a faculty advisor. Students may find their advisors in MyUH and Star for Students.

A very important online resource is STAR, which provides advisors with student information in the form of reports, including summaries of each student's progress towards the degree, lists of all courses completed anywhere in the UH system, and transfer courses. See "Online Advising Resources."

To track department course and section enrollments and to see which courses are closed or still have available seats, go to Class Schedules

and click on the link to the current semester course schedule. Or go to MyUH Services, log in using your username and password, and follow the link “check class availability.”

The UH Hilo Advising Center is located in the Student Services Center. The staff and advising coordinator work with new students and students who have not yet declared a major. Functions of the center include, among others:

  • Providing advising to undeclared majors
  • Providing information on general education and graduation requirements for all majors
  • Serving as a referral center to other resources on campus
  • Providing training and information for faculty advisors

For more information, contact Jodilyn Kunimoto , the undergraduate advising coordinator, at 932-7776.

Students without an advisor, including those who have not declared a major, can make an appointment at Advising Center during office hours throughout the school year and summer by calling 932-7776 or walking into the offices in PB-2.


Advising events ranging from group and one-on-one advising, are scheduled throughout the week of Orientation for incoming students and in preparation for regular registration.

Advising Week

Advising for currently enrolled students takes place toward the end of each semester (November during the fall semester, April during the Spring semester), so that students can take advantage of early registration for the next semester.

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