Adding, Dropping, Withdrawing from Classes

Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawing

Students may add and drop classes by using STAR through the first week of the semester. For deadlines, see the academic calendar in the front of the current university catalog or online.

Please Note: The College of Pharmacy policies pertaining to withdrawing from classes differ. College of Pharmacy students must consult with their dean to obtain permission to withdraw.

During the second week of the semester, students can add a course with a Registration Override form, which must be signed by the instructor. The faculty member is not obligated to allow a student to add a course during the second week of instruction, even if spaces are available. The Registration Override form is available in division and college offices and at the Office of the Registrar .

Students can go to STAR to drop or withdraw from a course through the 10th week of the semester. If they drop during the first three weeks of classes, no "W"; will appear on the transcript. Withdrawals occurring from week 4 to week 10 will be indicated by a "W" on the transcript.

Instructors are to include a significant graded assignment and to grade and return it to students before the deadline to withdraw from courses, so that students can make an informed decision about whether or not to remain in the course.

The last date to withdraw officially from a course at UH Hilo is the end of the 10th week of classes except for students enrolled in the College of Pharmacy. After this date, withdrawals from individual courses are permitted only under exceptional circumstances, with documentation required, with approval from the dean or director of the college. Current term deadlines may be found on the academic calendar.

Earning poor grades in a class is not generally considered sufficient reason for receiving permission to withdraw from the class beyond the deadline.

Complete Withdrawal from the University

Students may withdraw completely from the university at any time up to and including the last instructional day of the semester. To do so, the student submits a Complete Withdrawal Form to the Office of the Registrar .

Updated March 2018 sw.