Academic Dishonesty

The Student Conduct Code defines plagiarism and cheating and how incidents of academic dishonesty should be handled. If you have reason to believe that a student has plagiarized or cheated, you should discuss the matter with the student. If the students admits to plagiarizing or cheating, you may:

  • Require the student to re-do the assignment
  • Give the student a failing or reduced grade for the assignment
  • Give a failing or reduced grade for the course

When a student is found responsible for academic dishonesty, a faculty member may complete a Report of Student Academic Dishonesty form and submit it to the Dean of Students office.

Records of academic dishonesty will be maintained in that office. Faculty may consult with the Dean of Students office if he/she is handling a case of academic dishonesty to see if a student has previously violated the Student Conduct Code, and take that into account when determining an appropriate sanction.

If the student contests his/her responsibility, the faculty member should refer the case to the Dean of Students for hearing and disposition under the Student Conduct Code.

The university subscribes to the services of TurnItIn®, a widely used online service that assists faculty in preventing and apprehending student plagiarism, and that also offers guidance to students on how to avoid plagiarizing. Information on adding course(s) to TurnItIn is on the UH Hilo TurnItIn webpage; contact the campus TurnItIn coordinator, Karla Hayashi for assistance.

It can be useful for faculty to discuss appropriate and inappropriate uses of research sources with their students and to include in their syllabi a statement about plagiarism and its consequences

The desperation and dilatoriness that leads to plagiarism can be prevented by providing students with the research assignment early in the semester; requiring and commenting on preliminary proposals, outlines, and drafts; and requiring students to submit sources with their reports. Other suggestions for making a research project meaningful and manageable for students as well as faculty — and therefore reducing plagiarism — can be found at the UH Hilo Preventing Plagiarism webpage.

Updated June 2013 -- KO