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Elluminate Live!

Elluminate Live! is a course-delivery and web-conferencing, multimedia online system that connects users through the internet and their own computers for true anywhere, anytime learning and communication. No hardware, no techies, no special meeting rooms. UH Hilo faculty, support staff, and administrators now have unlimited access to it for face-to-face and online courses, meetings, web video conferencing with up to six sites on screen at once--anytime, from anywhere, to anywhere, with practically anyone.

Here are some essential links:

To request access to your own Elluminate space, to be used whenever/wherever you choose, please email Andy Kauffman: .

On-campus workshops and one-on-training in Eluminate Live! are offered by Cindy Yamaguchi.

Many people have learned to use Elluminate using the training videos at the Laulima Elluminate site.


  • Your department has two courses which need to be delivered to both on-campus and online students. Offering the courses in separate onsite and online sections means that enrollments are low in all sections. With Elluminate, the department can offer the class as one section - by hosting a "webinar", they can present the material to a traditional class and online students at the same time. As with other Elluminate sessions, this class time can be recorded and uploaded for playback at a later date complete with documents distributed, etc.
  • You are suddenly called to the mainland. An important committee meeting has been scheduled during your absence that she must participate in as chair. With Elluminate, you can host the meeting from the mainland, and the committee can collaborate via voice / chat, with application sharing, whiteboard sharing, and the meeting can be recorded and made accessible to others, too.
  • You have been working with colleagues in Maine, Washington, and Kailua-Kona--a total of five collaborators--and the team is at a critical point on the project, where face-to-face is really needed. With Elluminate all of you (and one more colleague!) can meet via video conferencing, discuss ideas, mark up / note a powerpoint presentation or white board, swap drafts and reports, and with application sharing show results on programs that you otherwise might need to be in person to see. Don't forget that you can record this session, too.
  • You are going to a conference in Boston and will miss a week of classes--three courses--right in the middle of the semester. Your could just post pre-recorded narrated powerpoints on Laulima and have students submit summaries/analyses of assigned readings, but with Elluminate you can meet at the regular class time and conduct your lectures from your hotel room in Boston. Elluminate is a synchronous learning tool, so you can use voice, chat, and a webcam. And you can record the lectures, too, with a click.


  • Can only UH Hilo faculty use Elluminate Live! --All UH Hilo employees, including faculty, can create courses, meetings, video web conferences. Just email and a virtual room will be created for you by the UH system Elluminate techie.
  • Is Elluminate for synchronous (same-time) meetings or lectures only?-- No. Any session can be recorded and posted; just send those not present the URL and they will be able to access it anytime from their computers.
  • Do we have to reserve time slots in advance? -- No, just go to your Elluminate virtual room whenever you need to or want to and get going.
  • Do I or my students or other meeting participants need special hardware or software? -- Elluminate works with Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux, and on any computer with access to the internet and a browser that can use Java. (Right now the iPhone and iPad do not use Java). It is adapted to low band-width recipients , too. You will probably want earphones and a mike, and you will need a webcam if you want to do video-conferencing or if you want your students to see you when you lecture.
  • How many people can be on Elluminate at one time? --UH Hilo has an "unlimited usage" license--this means any number can be on at the same time.
  • Do the others in my work group have to have Elluminate accounts (virtual rooms)?--No, only the host/moderator/instructor does. Think of the session/class/video conference as taking place in your virtual room, and the others invited to your room for the meeting.
  • Can a laptop be hooked up to a projector while you are doing an Elluminate session?--Yes. That is how folks use Elluminate to do face-to-face classes/meetings and classes/meetings that combine face-to-face and online participants.
  • Can a recorded Elluminate session be burned to a DVD?--Yes, using Elluminate Publish, a related software, you will create the stand-alone recording first. When you use Publish you have a few options for format that will affect what "stuff" from the recording can be transferred to the DVD. (With certain options you'll only get the whiteboard and audio.) If you plan to do this, please contact Andy Kauffman for assistance.