Institutional Research Office

2.3 Headcount Enrollment by Race-Ethnicity


The dashboard displays UH Hilo's headcount enrollment by race-ethnicity and academic level. The intended use is for WASC's Required Data Exhibits to support the off-site review.


  1. Data is for Fall terms only.
  2. For each semester, the grand totals match to official census enrollment counts for the campus.


Academic Level is defined as:

  • Lower Division: Undergraduate students who are a freshmen or sophomore standing
  • Upper Division: Undergraduate students who are a junior or senior standing
  • Graduate: Students pursuing a Master's Degree, Doctoral Degree (PhD), or Professional Doctoral Degree (PharmD/DNP)
  • Non-Degree: Students who are not seeking a degree

Updated to Fall 2020

If the dashboard is not displaying properly, click on the full-screen icon Tableau's full screen icon (located on the bottom right corner) to adjust the resolution.